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Support: Successful organizations are a result of management building successful sales and frontline teams. To that end, SMLR provides coaching, seminars and workshops on sales, customer service, team-building, motivation and communications. Developed and facilitated by SMLR's distinguished Associates these courses include:
  • Supervisory Leadership
  • Successful Workplace Communications
  • Time Management
  • Listening
  • Handling Challenging Conversations
  • Stress Management
  • Delivering Bad News
Fierce Communications
Coaching that Makes a Difference
Training Skills for Managers

  Supervisory Leadership
Supervisory Leadership is a one-day, four-unit workshop. The first unit enables you, using the DiSC Classic profile, to define your supervisory style and how this style influences how you do your work and your interactions with others. The second unit focuses on managing workplace relationships by examining your DiSC behavioral dimensions as it relates to your communication techniques. The third unit focuses on how to enhance delegation skills and apply the SMART criteria to workplace goals to achieve results. The fourth unit puts it all together with techniques on coaching for success. For more information contact our course administrator.

  Successful Workplace Communications
Successful Workplace Communications is designed to help individuals and teams deal with stress, negative attitudes and friction among colleagues, bosses and customers. They learn how to handle these challenges by using their personal power in their words, body language and communication style to enrich their professional and personal lives. The result? More effective teams, better customer relations, improved sales, and a more successful workplace environment!
For more information contact our course administrator.

  Time Management
Time Management equips all levels of an organization with the critical skills needed to maximize productivity and thrive in today’s workplace. Participants gain skills and techniques for on-the-job effectiveness and how to be in a position to multiply the results they get from each workday.
For more information contact our course administrator.

Listening is a critical communication skill, especially considering that most of us spend seven of every 10 minutes we are awake communicating in some form. This workshop focuses on the skills, knowledge and attitudes necessary to help participants meet the challenges of effective listening. For more information contact our course administrator.
  Handling Challenging Conversations
Handling Challenging Conversations is an engaging and interactive learning experience for minimizing conflict and improving communications with challenging coworkers, management personnel and customers. As a result of applying the critical principles presented in this workshop managers, supervisors and staff will be more aware of how to avoid common conflict traps and be more effective in handling angry or emotional conversations at the work site.
For more information contact our course administrator.
  Stress Management
Stress Management focuses on how one can better manage the stress they experience and develop greater resilience to handle challenges both in and out of the workplace. The workshop is designed to increase participants’ awareness of stressors and to give them the tools and techniques needed to more effectively manage stress and increase their productivity in the work environment.
For specific course objectives please contact course administrator.
  Delivering Bad News
Delivering Bad News provides essential skills and personal awareness all managers need to know to effectively convey bad news to others. Whether the news is about downsizing, salary cuts or personal loss managers will learn how to prepare for and deliver bad news in a way that is respectful and understanding. Managers learn why planning ahead is critical, what resources are required and what they need to say and do to positively impact the morale of the receiver of bad news as well as the organization and its customers. For guidelines on how to plan and deliver bad news click here to download tips. For more information contact our course administrator.

  Fierce Communication: Conversations That Achieve Results
Crafting clear communication in difficult situations is both a skill and an art. Supervisors and managers need the communication skills to create open, clear communication that results in a clear understanding of work tasks and priorities, individual performance and joint goals. They need to sort facts from opinions, ask difficult questions, and open lines of communication. Participants will learn to: develop the ability to focus on results, not activities; practice direct communication without skirting issues; explore techniques for setting priorities and learn ways to effectively confront performance issues.
For specific course objectives please contact course administrator.
  Managing Smarter: Coaching to Make a Difference
Organizations have shifted from command and control to participatory leadership. Do you keep hearing this, but you don’t know what it means or how – or even why – to do it? This workshop will help you transition to a style that brings the best out of each employee. Spend two days practicing new skills to coach your staff to increased responsibility and effectiveness.
For specific course objectives please contact course administrator.
  Training Skills for Supervisors and Managers
Supervisors and managers are responsible for making sure employees have the skills to do their jobs. Often, this means on-the-job training either on new skills or as a refresher to improve performance. This workshop provides a simple, easy to implement model for creating and delivering effective just-in-time training for improved performance.
For specific course objectives please contact course administrator.

To ensure our clients are prepared for telepresence - videoconferencing we help them make the right choices in:
  Selecting a videoconferencing system that meets their business development needs and their budget     Learning how to deliver an effective presentation when two or more audiences are located at multiple sites
  Installing a videoconferencing system in their organization that accounts for present and future needs     Knowing how to manage an audience's questions and challenges
  Applying technology e.g. control panel, document camera, PowerPoint, etc., for maximum impact        
  Questions? If you are selecting and implementing a videoconferencing system or evaluating and designing a technological support infrastructure Dean Freedman and his team can help you make the right choices. For answers to your videoconference or technological questions contact Dean.  
  Videoconferencing Resources
Top 10 Videoconferencing Tips: If you are currently making videoconferencing presentations - or about to - you will find these tips very useful. Click here to download tips.

A Videoconferencing and Distance Learning Primer a.k.a. The Handbook for the 21st Century Presenter by Dean Freedman and Desander Mas. Need more than 10 tips on videoconferencing? Then go to Dean Freedman's website for more in-depth videoconferencing resources.
  Website Development
Website Development is not a course but a business development resource. Through the expertise of our website development team we can provide you an assessment of the effectiveness of your website as a networking tool, as well as what you need to do to create and promote a website that will increase business development opportunities. Our website team can:
• Assess website for impact and traffic
• Design and develop websites
• Design logos
• And much more
For more information contact Director of Website Development.

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