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Wine & Spirits Partnership Course: This unique, dynamic and motivational workshop provides a practical insider's knowledge of how to maximize opportunities through partnering with wine bars, restaurants and liquor stores. This course provides techniques and tips on how to: Increase sales; Build relationships and grow your brand; Ascertain your customers’ needs, their market and where there may be a gap in their store inventory; Interface with store level management; Schedule visits more efficiently; Educate retailers on the functions of your brands with attention-getting, persuasive presentations, and developing a social media presence to expand your knowledge and influence. For our brochure click here Questions? contact Christine.

  Effective Email: Customer Service in the Digital World
This half-day course is complementary to the fundamentals of customer service and through hands-on exercises provides the tools to understand how to communicate effectively using email. Communicating with your customers (both internal and external) by email is now as common as talking with them on the phone. Courteous and effective emailing helps avoid misunderstandings and improve the organization’s relationship with customers. That’s why today’s complete customer service skillset includes an emphasis on digital communications: This course includes how to: Recognize the role of effective email in delivering customer service; Practice identifying the customer’s real request and managing their expectations; Learn the difference between writing email and writing letters; Organize and draft correspondence to increase clarity and achieve excellence; Apply techniques for drafting responses that protect the organization’s image; Understand the permanency of email. For more information contact Charis.

  Professional Behavior and Boundaries
A 1-day course for front line staff. Success as an employee depends on conducting yourself in a professional manner at all times. This workshop focuses on professional behavior and how it affects employees and their careers. This course includes: Seeing yourself as a professional; 
 Dressing appropriately and grooming; Language, 
tone and body language; Attitude and how it affects customers and co-workers;
 Recognizing importance of boundaries; 
 Ethical behavior;
 Email etiquette. For more information: contact Janet.

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